In 2013, Yade emerged with the dream of designing clothes with emotions.

Until 2019, the collections appealed to the concept of summer by completely knitting organic threads. Yade, founded by Guler Kaya, brought knits and fabrics together in its 2020 collection with the aim of continuous improvement, change and addressing more women.
The knitting and sewing techniques used in the production of dresses provide opportunities for the employment of women applying these techniques and contribute to the sustainability of our traditional values.
Yades are designed to be worn with your slippers on a sunny day, but also on a cool September evening with your boots.
Our dresses, which are different from each other in the way they are manufactured, are as unique as the people who own them. That's exactly why when one of our dresses reaches you, its story will be written on it.
Our only motivation is that you can feel yourself in that story.